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The Guardians of Childhood by ahoguu

I'm shocked you make this picture too manly though it still a good art.

I think the colors is too dark, especially the tooth fairy. She supposed to be brighter like a peacock.

You forgot the details on jack's sleeves (on the point you blend it white) and the staff is too big.
About the highlight on jack, i think it's not fit... it's like a light blue neon shine to him. I think it's better to use grey-ish light blue.

There's a problem with North's nose... it's bend unnaturally maybe because the shading, and bunny's fur color is still too dark. The sandman is too manly, he supposed to be ADORKABLE~

You did a great job with the layout, i like it.
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ahoguu Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
*karena pake bahasa inggris jadi pake bahasa inggris juga LOL*
thank you for the critique darl ;3

first I have to say that this is a fanart, so I tried to drew this with my own style. and you know my "manly" style.
my vision and sense is different with other ppl. so if you said that sandman is not cute enough, in my eyes he's already cute. LOL

for bunny's and tooth's color, it's because I tried to use overlay layer for dividing each character with their color schemes, tooth is an elegant fairy, so I put purple overlay on her. but it looks like it not blends well PFFT :p

lastly for jack's hilite, I use this neon color because I'm not a "so-so" person at picking color, if I use the greyish color you mentioned before it'll not visible at his hair and clothing. I just want each of the color I picked can be seen by others. :3

thank you so much again for your critique, sorry for the long response hehe~ :heart:
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